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Fountain Studio was founded by Kang Hyunseok, who has experience in LG Electronics and SKT after graduating from RCA Design Products in 2020. We are working on various projects with leading domestic and international companies and creating excellent results.

Fountain Studio's design methodology, 'Contextual Design', starts with an understanding of the context within the various relationships of design.

Contextual design, established with a firm idea that design persuasion is the result of logical design thinking, originated from various design experiences that the Director experienced and experienced in the UK, and has since developed further through various projects in Korea. The characteristics of ‘Contextaul Design’ are the logical justification of design and market differentiation. Existing styling-oriented designs do not provide new opportunities for businesses. In addition, it cannot be a trend leader and remains an eternal latefollower, and concept build-up through contextual thinking can produce completely different results and provide an opportunity to become a solid trend setter.

In addition, in the process of finding the form, Fountain Studios presents various methodologies. Fountain Studio's design methodology, which sometimes starts design from material and sometimes from the specificity of process, enables the intrinsic value inventory of objects and the exploration of completely different morphological elements. In addition, Fountain Studios emphasizes convergence with various fields, away from the inertia of the existing design world, as well as from various experiences of the representative. Design collaboration, which is comprehensive and complex, can encompass not only engineers but also fashion fields, and through this, we want to find essential differences.

Fountain Studio's methodology and efforts to escape the inertia of the existing design field will continue in the future, and we intend to design the appearance of developing each other through co-prosperity with clients.

Director Kang Hyunseok serves as an adjunct professor at Hongik University and the Korea National University of Arts and is striving to foster new designers along with various academic activities. Member for Fountain Studios is made up of young and very flexible minds. This manpower composition can provide very bold and innovative thinking, and at the same time is very specialized in discovering the needs of the present era

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448-18 Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu Seoul

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