DYSON Air purifier for city farm

The concept is: Water vapor creates a barrier and combines with fine dust and this combined water vapor is dropped to the ground. 


Deokyoun, Yohan with Fountain


2019.07 / 2020.02

Right now, we live in fine dust. Fine dust is fatal to plants as well as humans. 

But the ventilation system in the 'city farm' is completely unaware of the problem of fine dust.


We ran a prototype to see how much water vapor can hold fine dust.

As a results, water vapor has kept the fine dust almost 95 percent.


The water that rises in the pipe is converted into water vapor.

The water vapor released by the 12 pumps is evenly discharged through a humidifier module consisting of several tubes to keep fine dust in check.


We designed the rear part so that farmer can see the state of the inside from the outside.​​​​​​​


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