C O M M 

Communication Device

for Work from home

This is a device concept that helps people communicate while working from home. It gives fast feedback and increased work efficiency.


Eunjeong with Fountain



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Due to the increase in work from home,  the inconvenience of not being able to

communicate face-to-face increases, and the efficiency of the work is also decreasing.

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While communicating in the work environment, unlike the traditional way of sending a message

and waiting for a response, it was intended to be communicated in words at once.

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This is a device concept that helps people communicate while working from home. 

It gives fast feedback and increased work efficiency.


Shape & Screen Angle 

When the user sits down, it intended to make the user look the screen comfortably and 

angle is considered for easy touch. I thought of a form that would show all four functions,

and I put the appropriate edge so that I can recognize the function at a glance.

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Mode Change by Rotating 

The top part is rotated so that it can be used in four modes according to each corner icon.

The main functions include reporting, sharing information, idea suggestions, mutual understanding,

and expression of the emotions in the work environment. Therefore, it has the advantage of improving the productivity and creativity of the work environment and strengthening the capabilities and needs of workers.

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You can check the schedule and have a video conference.

If you turn to the icon at the scheduled time, you will be connected to the other person at once. Communication is more efficient through direct communication through voice and video, not only through chat or text. You can also check your current work status through Away Mode.

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