5G Navigation fire Mask

The 5G network will locate the fire inside the building when Heart is activated. 

Information sent through the repeater safely escapes the user via the navigation lamp. 


YongJun with Fountain



We designed the volume by taking the form from the life-threatening heart. 

The protruding area indicates the direction of the open mask.

A mask and mouse with a piece of opening the case of the package. 

A case open and active heart ringnaempeu of the repeater and communicating with flashing. 

Heart by displaying the lamp in the direction and left distance for users to quickly help.

The mask has adhesive tape attached to the placenta so that it can be sealed when worn. 

To prevent falling, the mouse piece is designed to be used to stick to the face and use both hands to make them useful.

The 5g ramp module activates the interlocking lamp with the cover removed.

Receive a fire alarm in the building and use the plastic lens at the bottom to indicate direction and distance.


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