Humidity Heater

Many people suffer from itching in winter. 

During the winter, not only is the air dry, but also the living environment becomes drier

due to indoor heating, so it is easy to develop skin dryness symptoms.


Eunseo with Fountain



H2 is convergence of electric heaters and humidifiers.

Inspired by the form of making water vapor by placing kettle on the stove during the winter.


Various sketches were carried out to understand the structure and design of the product, which acts as a humidifier and a heater. And also, we did a prototyping to feel the scale and the ventilation hole design.


The heat is dispersed through the internal carbon heating system, and the front grille is used to make it safer for users to use.

The top of the product has a hole that acts as a humidifier, allowing both the heater and the humidity to be carried out at once.


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