The game controller for one handed players.

Sticky is a one-handed game controller that provides the best usability for each user

by attaching a secondary sticker key depending on whether the finger is lost or not.


Junbeom with Fountain



There are many one-handed gamers in the world.
They don't have one hand, or they have finger loss and dysfunction.

After conducting user research with the existing game controller to divide the level of one-handed players, we targeted people with two or more fingers.

As a result of classifying Grip posture according to the usage and characteristics of existing controllers in the market, we thought that one-handed players needed a compact egg shape that was easy to grab.

We designed an interface that can be easily operated when held with one hand.

Play styles are divided according to whether fingers are lost or not. And for users who have lost their thumb and forefinger, the hold format is recommended.

The sticker button is a secondary interface button that can be attached up to two, and can be attached where necessary, depending on the user's hand shape.

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