Ai robot for the deaf 


Joochang and Bosun with Fountain




Hearing Dog

Hearing dog is a animal that helps deaf or deaf elderly people who cannot hear. However, unfortunately, 'the Hearing dog care system' has problems such as high training cost, long training time, lack of supply and dead of lovely help animal.


Idea & Sketch

By designing Ai robot with 5G network has, it is suggested alternative solution for deaf people.

Furthermore, we tried to solve existed problems of 'Hearing animal system'.

Motion Sensor & Projector

It interprets sign language of deafness through motion sensor and projects it into a projector.

Through this, it is a robot that helps natural conversation between deaf and ordinary people.

​Smart watch for extra benefit


Hearing shows images or text on a schedule. If the user does not respond to the product,

it is recognized by a light touch with the hand attached to the product.

Auto Charge

If the main body has insufficient battery residue, it can be charged on its own.

Face emotion

Users communicate emotions with robots by expressing situations and emotions with various facial expressions.


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